Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, I am back to running.

Running is primal.
Running is elemental.

Running is Tiring.
Running is Exhilarating.

Running is Painful.
Running is Ecstasy.

Running Makes you float.
Running is Part of your being.

Running is Pounding your body.
Running is Controlling your mind.

Running is Getting sweaty and filthy and covered in salt.
Running is Cleansing.

Running is A Solo effort.
Running is Dissolving yourself in the cheers of the crowd at the marathon.


AT said...

All the best - I know you'll finish the marathon with flying colors :-)

A said...

@Asha - Thanks! Flying colours (are you American? :)) or not, I'll finish.

AT said...

@Skroderider - American or not, I leave out the "U" cos I'm lazy. And before you ask, no, am not running the marathon, for the same reasons. :D

bv said...


A said...

@bheema: :D