Monday, December 11, 2006

The ongoing Hyderabad book fair (today happens to be the last day) is a pretty sad story, with hardly any worthwhile stuff - what with every 5th stall either blaring nursery rhymes or playing some animated cartoons on a laptop. Nevertheless I picked up Precipice (Ben Bova), K-Pax (Gene Brewer), one of Dozois's sf anthologies, The Little Minister (J. M. Barrie), two horror anthologies and Contacting Aliens.
K-Pax is the book the movie K-Pax is based on - starring Kevin Spacey.
Also bought this interesting book on ancient India - the main point of the authors being to refute the Aryan invasion theory. I've just started reading it - and so far have detected a little tinge of jingoism in the assertions they've made.