Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend binge, yet again

Shameless list of acquisitions yesterday

3 Donald Wollheim annuals, Triplicity (Thomas M. Disch), The Crystal City, The Boat of a Million Years, A King of Infinite Space, 5 other anthologies, 3 mixed (sf/fantasy) anthologies, Neveryona, Triad (A.E. van Vogt), Trap of Perseus (Ludek Pesek), 3 Asimovs, Glide Path (Clarke), a based-on-Asimov's-robot-novel and a fantasy by Ursula K. Le Guin. Apart from these, what I personally consider to be the high points - New Worlds for Old (David Ketterer), An Alien Light (Nancy Kress) (finally!) and The Rediscovery of Man (Cordwainer Smith).

What I am reading now? John Grisham. Am really hooked into his writing. Got two more.

After unpacking all this, looks like a new bookshelf is necessary.