Sunday, May 07, 2006


First suggested by Prashant, I managed to pick up and finish Ken Grimwood's Replay - which is another retake on the idea of intelligent unknown entities controlling our lives on earth to the extent that they actually rewind some lives and watch them again like a taped TV show. The focus in this book is more on the characters and events rather than the unknown force, which is left unnamed.

On a different note, from time to time I get this urge to read these books which are not pure SF, but are too tantalizingly close for me to not buy them. They usually lie on the lowest rack in book sales, are hardcover, the jacket dusty and sometimes tattered, and not thicker than 3 centimeters. They are usually written by sf, horror or occult authors. Surprisingly, I end up enjoying most of them.

Am rereading the Dirk Gently books, for the third time.