Sunday, December 07, 2008


I want to share a link on why running the Pune international marathon is not a good idea - the author of the original message never says that, but I am saying it based on what he has mentioned.

I am undergoing physiotherapy sessions for my shin splint. My target of running 3 half marathons in a month is still unfulfilled, but the glow in which I was after finishing the Ultra is still there. Doctor's orders now are not to run for atleast 6 weeks, and after that "let's see".

It's only ice packs, lower leg exercises, foam rollers now. Feeling the goose pimples while watching running movies. Digging out distance running videos on Youtube. And waiting for the day when I can lace up my running shoes again.

Somebody said the best cure for running injuries is patience.


srinis said...

Just happened to visit your blog today after a long time and cant believe your transformation!

Keep going err rather keep Running!

skroderider said...

Took me some time to figure out which Srini you were :) Got the clue from your blog. Why have you stopped writing?

srinis said...

Writing? Havent found the time to read since I got to US :(

Howz your knee shaping up?

skroderider said...

Excuses! Not that I write regularly myself.

Can't say anything about the knee till I try out some short distance running.