Monday, February 04, 2008

The Man from Earth

Why is the movie 'The Man from Earth' named liked it is? If you can figure it out after watching it you are smarter than I am.

It is about a university professor who claims to be 14000 years old, practically immortal. The movie picks up when he's about to leave his job for another so that people don't start wondering why he does not grow old. The rest of the movie is made up of the conversation between him and his colleagues at his farewell party.

There is no passion, no great revelations, a cliched view of world history, a single attempt at jolting Christian audiences. It's a very short movie. Not in length but in content. Minimalist is the word.

I liked K-Pax better. If you're thinking what these two movies have in common, it's the nature of the ending.


arvind mishra said...

Looks like a great blog...but postings should be a bit more frequent....would you please expain the etymology behind the name of the bears the connotation of something like screwdriver..[pun].
Could you elaborate please ?

skroderider said...

Thank you Dr Arvind, for your comment.
A 'skroderider' is a member of an alien species described by Vernor Vinge in 'A Fire upon the Deep', which happens to be of my favourite science fiction novels. Its a great book - if you have not read it you should!

arvind mishra said...

ok I shall arrange one read and comment back to your good self.

srinis said...

I think i saw something similar to skroderider on Skada Octavia too

skroderider said...

@srini : huh?