Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mindmapping Books

Mind Mapping is a visual modelling concept where related ideas and tasks are arranged around a central idea.

I often come across people talking about using mindmaps for the books they read. It makes more sense for non fiction books of course, and is a great way to summarize the book. The summarization can be done to any level of detail - the more fine grained you are, the more nodes your mind map will have.

I tried it on a book I read recently - Edward Luce's In Spite of the Gods. I did not have the patience to go to a very fine level of detail, so it's very very brief. Nevertheless, creating one is a good way to keep the central ideas of the book in focus.


Srinivas said...

Hey nice work!
And you are into reading political/history books too these days? Umm quite some change since the college days when you would probably scorn at such books :)

Howz this book anyways? Me too was tempted to buy it but havent so far.

skroderider said...

Yes my reading tastes have been inclined in those directions, more generally towards contemporary non fiction works, for sometime.
The book was good - the primary differentiating point with the hordes of similar books you see these days being that the author has a really different perspective which can be attributed to his non-Indian origins.

Techwriter said...

About the Positive thoughts stuff..

Start with saying "I will speak only positive things" instead of "I will not speak negative things".. :)